Ferret Healthcare

Just like any other pets, ferrets will need to be have various things done to make sure they’re in good health. Here are some examples.

How should I go about trimming my ferrets nails?

It is important that your ferrets have their nails taken care of. Otherwise the incidents of them snagging onto things will greatly increase. It also becomes extremely uncomfortable for ferrets to walk as their nails get longer. If left alone for too long, ferret nails will eventually end up curling all the way to the bottom, puncturing the ferret’s paw.

If you notice your ferret’s claw’s getting caught on things or if there is noticeable clicking noises when he walks on hard surfaces, it’s time for his nails to be trimmed.

Most ferrets will not enjoyed being held down to have their nails done. Working in pairs may also be helpful, one to cut and one to hold the ferret. So it is recommended that you distract them with a treat while doing this. Using a ferret or cat nail trimmer carefully cut the excess part of nail away.

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